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Our Therapists
Godfried Baning, 

Minister Baning is a N.J. State Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Educator, and Christian Psychotherapist

Robin Richards-Greene, MSW, LCSW

Robin Richards-Greene is a Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience providing direct services.  She earned a Bachelor of Social Work from Kean University in 1996 and a Masters of Social Work from Fordham University in 1997.  Robin received a 

Our Practice


Multifaith and Multicultural Counseling Group, LLC is a Christian Counseling Ministry geared towards helping Christians and non Christians  to develop wholeness in Christ Jesus Our Lord. 

We believe in order for one to live to their fullest potential, one must be willing to discover the truth about their struggles, be set free from strongholds, traumas, abuse and issues from the past in safe, trusting, caring, nonjudgmental and confidential atmosphere. 

We value the individual in suffering , as human being, made in the image of God, who needs the loving care and grace of God through a well trained professional who represent the loving grace of Christ. Therefore, we do not only focus on symptom relief, but a true personality and character change that exemplify the character of Christ for life time.

It is a nonjudgmental confidential environment where we encourage people struggling with difficult issues in life to be themselves and experience the healing grace of God.

The success of our practice depends on prayer, fasting and absolute dependency on The Holy Spirit, The Counselor, Who comes alongside with us on this journey towards healing and restoration.

We encourage people to have biblical and scientific understanding of their pain, discover the purpose for their suffering, and how God can heal, deliver, restore peace, harmony and joy; and above all use the struggles of their lives for higher purpose.

Our Therapeutic Modality is Multidimensional: We treat the Whole Person: Spirit, Mind, Emotion, Body, Relationship with God, Self and Others. We treat Children, Adolescents, Teenagers, Young Adults, Individual, Couple, Premarital and Groups.

BILINGUAL & MULTILINGUAL THERAPIST WITH CULTURAL SENSITIVITY (SPANISH FRENCH ETC) Our therapists come from diverse backgrounds; they are highly qualified, well educated, experienced and caring with Doctoral and Masters level training. Most of us have been through deep suffering, we therefore understand the struggles of the Christian life. 

We have bilingual culturally competent therapists who speak Spanish, understand Portuguese and other languages.



What we offer:


MARRIAGE & FAMILY COUNSELING: We have a great success in marriage and family therapy and have a high success rate in saving marriages from divorce and helping to bring harmony into a dysfunctional family.

PREPARE ENRICH MARRIAGE & PREMARITAL COUNSELING: Our therapists are certified to administer and facilitate the PREPARE/ENRICH program. This is a cutting edge computerized scientific relationship inventory and skill-building program which accurately deduce personalities differences , compatibility and above all, diagnose the success of the relationship. 

It is designed to be used for Premarital , Marital, Married, Separated couples looking to improve their relationship.

This program is based on accurate research study and we have personally used it successfully to improve many couples relationship in our practice. If you really want to 

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