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  • Licensed Professional Counselor, New Jersey State


  • Licensed Professional Christian Counselor, National Christian Counselors Licensure Board 


  • Licensed School Counselor/ Student Personnel Services, New Jersey State 


  • Certified Relationship Specialist, American Psychotherapy Association 


  • Certified Clinical Life Member, American Psychotherapy Association 


  • Certified Prepare/Marriage Enrichment Counselor, Life Innovations Inc. 


  • Licensed Spanish Instructor, New Jersey State

Professional Background

Minister Baning is a N. J. State Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Pastoral Counselor, Educator, and Christian Psychotherapist


Educational Background

Doctor of Ministry Candidate (D. Min.)  Providence Theological Seminary, Manitoba, Canada 
Master of Science (MSCC) Christian Counseling Philadelphia Biblical University 
Bachelors in French & Spanish (B.A.) University of Ghana & University of Havana- Cuba.

Diploma in Spanish, University of Havana - Cuba

Diploma in French, Alliance Francaise, Paris - France 
Theological Studies, Somerset Christian College, Somerset, N. J.



Premarital & Marital Counselor, Prepare/Marriage Enrichment 
Certified Clinical Member, American Association of Christian Counselors 
Certified Clinical Life Member, American Psychotherapy Association 
Certified Clinical Member, Black African American Counselors Association 
Certified Clinical Member, Society For Christian Psychology Association 
Certified Clinical Member, Marriage and Family Network


Professional Practice 

Minister Baning is a Multilingual Counselor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Pastoral Counselor with a Private Practice in Somerset, N. J. Providing psychotherapy and psycho-spiritual counseling to both Christians and Non Christians of multi-faith and multicultural background.  Conduct assessment and do treatment in Spanish, French and English.



Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Spiritual Formation, Crisis Counseling, Sexual, Issues, Gender Confusion, Addictions (food, drugs alcohol sex), Couples Counseling, Family Issues, Conduct Disorders, Adjustment Disorders, Racism, Interpersonal issues, Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Grief & Loss, Parenting, Post-Traumatic Stress, Self Esteem, Spiritual Issues, Deliverance, Divine Healing, Coaching, Workshops etc



They come from diverse cultural backgrounds. Hispanics, Americans, Asians, Africans and Caucasians. Both Christians and Non Christians



Individual, Couples, Children, Group and Family Therapy.


Counseling Approach  

Eclectic: Method that tailors fits clients’ psycho-emotional and spiritual needs. 
Therapy is on short-term basis. I counsel both Christians and Non Christians.


Christians From Diverse Faith Backgrounds 

Integrational Approach (spirit, soul and body) using spiritual methods such as scripture, prayer, fasting, deliverance prayer, meditative prayer, journaling dream interpretation and Scientific and Psychological



Psychological modality that fits clients needs.


Multicultural Counseling 

Minister Baning speaks Spanish, English and French (understand some Portuguese and Italian but not fluent).  He is trained as multicultural counselor. He attended University of Havana - Cuba. He is therefore culturally competent and sensitive when dealing with Hispanics (Hispanoblantes) and very understanding with people of other cultural backgrounds.


Si se habla Español y Frances. Estoy acostumbrado a la cultura Hispana.


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