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Employment Statement

Multifaith and Multicultural Counseling Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are dedicated to serving Christians and Non-Christians and as such, we encourage all applicants who are interested to apply. We are currently accepting applications for diverse locations in the United States and Canada. 

At the bottom of this page is a listing of the positions currently available. For more information regarding any of these positions, please double click on the interested position for a description of the duties, required qualifications, and application requirements.

How to Apply


Individuals interested in working at the Multifaith and Multicultural Counseling Group, may apply in any of the following methods: 

1. Apply in person by visiting our office at

    the address below during the hours  

    of operation.

2. Email resumes to 

    (include job title in the subject).

    Multifaith and Multicultural Counseling







POSITION                                  QUALIFICATIONS                             STATUS


Bilingual Therapist                                  English and Spanish                                          Currently Hiring for NY, NJ, CT, DE, PA


Children and Adolescent                                                                                                      Currently Hiring



Clinical Social Worker/                           Experienced and  licensed in New Jersey       Currently Hiring



Bilingual Certified                                    Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor             Currently Hiring

Alcohol and Drug Counselor


Marriage and Family Counselor            New Jersey Licensed Marriage                         Currently Hiring

                                                                  and Family Counselor


Play Therapist                                         Credentialed play therapist who provides        Currently Hiring

                                                                  a way for children to express their 

                                                                  experiences and feelings through a

                                                                  natural, self-guided and self-healing



Psychiatrist                                              Experienced and  Licensed                                Currently Hiring



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