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Online and Phone Counseling

In today's busy world many of us do not have time to drive to yet another place, spend an hour, and continue on with our hectic schedules.


However, in our personal lives, troubles can arise that dictate we need outside help with our marriages, other relationships, children problems, inlaw problems, family problems, and making difficult decisions concerning whatever issue that we find ourselves involved in.


In addition, many of these issues are highly personal, so much so that we don't want others to know about them.  Moreover, we don't want someone we know to see that we are going to a counselor. Which is why there is an excellent solution to that by taking advantage of online counseling with a therapist, without ever having to leave your own home, car, or office.


This form of counseling is also well suited for individuals who find the face to face counseling to be more stressful and intimidating.  The anonymity fosters the therapeutic process for them tremendously.


My counseling involves support with genuine caring, deep commitment, and complete confidentiality. My hope is to guide you in reclaiming feelings of self-worth, restoring relationships, and renewing thoughts, goals, and dreams. We will work on these goals together, with the understanding that the final decisions of increased potential are the result of your own problem solving abilities as you become more acquainted with your own temperament, spirit, strengths, beliefs, and desires.


My focus and mission is to provide a compassionate safe place for healing and to assist you to improve the quality of your life. I listen with care and empathy and understand that having someone to unload our difficulties to is paramount to the healing process.

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